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Instinct: A FightFest Series - Volume 2

Greetings! Gilgamesh here once again to update everyone with the latest Killer Instinct news. Season 3 is upon us! With the release of Season 3 we get eight new characters (four on launch), three new stages, and a PC port. With the release of Season 3 we got four characters at launch we received Kim Wu, Tusk, Rash from Battletoads, and The Arbiter from the Halo series.
Each character brings a new unique set of skills to the Killer Instinct world. Kim Wu has a “freaking dragon.” She is a unique character that is capable of big damage. She can obtain three dragons that allow her to cancel special moves into a dash, which can extend combos, and give her mix-ups. Kim Wu can even jump, and air dash by spending a dragon!
Tusk is the second returning character from the original Killer Instinct. Tusk is a slower, big body character who hits like the angry Viking he is. Tusk has a slow walk speed, but he can slide under fireballs to compensate and make it hard to zone him out. His broadsword has long range and a stray hit could cost you 18% of your health. Tusk will excel in stray hits and shorter combos. However, if you get locked out or counter-broken be prepared to lose a large chunk of life.
 The Arbiter is one of the Halo series' most beloved characters and he is now in Killer Instinct; and he is definitely interesting. The Arbiter utilizes long range normals, plasma grenades, and the signature Carbine.  A setup heavy character, The Arbiter wants to “stick” the opponent with a plasma grenade, and then get a command grab or normal. Grenades recapture the opponent to extend a combo. Damage can be added to his combos by using the Carbine, but with only eighteen shots you will need to use them sparingly. Once they are gone you do not receive anymore. The Arbiter is definitely a character for people who love poking into confirms and going for resets.
The next guest character was the first character announced for Season 3;Rash from Battletoads! Rash uses juggles to get big damage, but because you use single his to keep a character airborne, it is really easy to break. However, this will not stop the character from doing mix-ups. Rash seems to be a solid character that does great damage and should be considered a threat.
The first character released since the launch of Season 3 is the vampire Mira. Mira is a character that perfectly embodies a glass cannon character. Mira loses health when she preforms a special attack, air-dashes, or uses her teleport. Never fear, though, because she can regain her health. Health lost this way displays as grey health on her health bar.  Mira is able to regain any health she loses from specials by using her quarter circle back kick linker and ender. She also has command grabs that allow her to regain health as well.
 Lastly, Gargos came out on May 27th. Gargos is the returning boss from the original Killer Instinct, and has a lot of people excited. Iron Galaxy released him early to a few select people in the community like Maximilian Dood, KI4 Life, and KI World Cup creator Brandon Alexander. Gargos is a large character that is the first in Killer Instinct to be able to summon “helper” demons. He also has full screen normals similar to Glacius, Gargos is able to punch his arm through a portal that appears across the screen. Gargos seems to be a mid-range character that attacks at the close range only when a demon helper is harassing the opponent. If you wish to see a walkthrough on Gargos, Maximilian has done a walkthrough with him on his YouTube page.
With Gargos’ release that leaves two characters to reveal, and the community is wondering who. Will it be a guest character such as General Raam from Gears of War? New Characters? Returning Characters? I cannot wait to see!
ComboBreaker, located in Chicago, Illinois took place May 27-29. Some of the strongest Killer Instinct players showed up and turnout was amazing. A large turnout was nice to see since $3000 had been added to the prize pool. The production value for ComboBreaker was amazing, and Rick “TheHadou” Thier did an amazing job. Top 8 was full of action and high level play, but ultimately only one can walk away. The winner of ComboBreaker was Blue Hurricanes Thomxpson. Click through to watch Top 8. Lastly, The Salty Suite had great attendance thanks to being center stage and not in a hotel room. The main event was ComboBreaker organizer Rick “The Hadou” Thier playing against KI World Cup organizer Brandon “Xboxviking” Alexander. The loser in a First to 7 had to shave off their beard. In the end, it was TheHadou's victory with a final score of 7-0.
Community Effort Orlando (CEO), located in Orlando, Florida takes place June 24-26. CEO has become one of the largest tournaments within the United States and with Alex Jebaily’s hard work it is easy to see why. Plans are to have Killer Instinct on the main stage, but registration numbers need to rise to make that a reality. Please register now if you plan on attending CEO!
Evolution (EVO), located in Las Vegas. Nevada. This tournament needs no introduction. One of the largest fighting game tournaments in the world! Killer Instinct will make its return to the main stage, but finals will be on Saturday and not at Mandalay Bay, sadly. Joey “Mr.Wizard” Cuellar felt the game was too much hype the precious year not return. Hopefully the turnout will be amazing for KI this year with American and foreign players in attendance.
Local Tournaments in the KY
With PowerUp being located in the Cincinnati area, a few local tournaments have appeared not far from it. The first tournament is FightFest. FightFest is a partnership with FandomFest and started in 2013. It is located in Louisville, Kentucky and will be having its third year on July 30th, 2016. FightFest's goal is to promote a regional in Kentucky and see a stronger scene in the area. You can check out FandomFest and Fightfest on their Facebook and event pages, respectively.
The next tournament will be in its first year, and it is called Kentokyo Battle Circuit (KBC). Kentokyo Battel Circuit is partnered with Kentokyocon located in Lexington, Kentucky. KBC has big plans and is starting off with a bang for their first year. They have put in the following bonuses: $500 for Street Fighter V; $200 Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3; $200 Super Smash Bros. for WiiU; $100 Mortal Kombat X; $100 Guilty Gear Revelator. Check out Kentokyo Battle Circuit and make sure you attend if it fits your budget and travel plans for the summer.

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