Wednesday, February 10, 2016

PowerUp Winter Series 2016 - Meet 1 Results

Big shout outs to everyone who attended the event, and even bigger props to NS | Gilgamesh, Kenshinoyo, The Arkayne, Grand Pappy Chris, and Solumindra. You guys helped hold it down and I appreciate it a lot!

Thanks for everyone's understanding with the stream station, and the relative lack of MKX setups. I hope to see more community members bring systems and games in the future; it is a huge help for the event and is part of making sure everyone has a great experience. On the plus side, we recorded the entire 8-entrant KI tournament! I cannot wait to post that video and the Top 5 KI Plays of the Day. We also recorded the tail end of the MKX Meet 1 and the MKX Championship Round Robin from Brutality - Fall Season 2015. So, look forward to those videos being shared at the bottom of this post very soon!

Now, for full results:

1st - Mod (Thunder God / Summoner)
2nd - Kenshinoyo (Hat Trick / Heavy Weapons)
3rd - Action Jackson (Flame Fist / Dragon's Fire / Warlock)
4th - TSS | Chaos (Royal Storm / Deceptive)
5th - The Arkayne (Ravenous / Kobu Jutsu)
5th - MPII The Ronin (A-List / Fisticuffs / Hollywood / Brawler / Hish Qu Ten / Inferno)
7th - Unlucky Charmz (Royal Storm / Mournful)
7th - TSS | Terror (Stunt Double / Shirai Ryu)
9th - Ispent2much
9th - Sway 2 Tha Z
9th - Zubastian
9th - Bad News Brendon
13th - Coolgirl
13th - Royal
13th - Goku
13th - Man of Moe
17th - TSS | Meerkat
17th - Erica H.

1st - Grand Pappy Chris (Glacius / Maya / Thunder)
2nd - NS | Gilgamesh (Hisako)
3rd - Kenshinoyo (Kan Ra / TJ Combo)
4th - Solumindra (Sadira)
5th - MPII The Ronin (Shadow Jago / Maya)
5th - Zubastian (Shadow Jago)
7th - Bad News Brendon (Aganos / Spinal)
7th - The Arkayne (Orchid)

Brutality - Fall 2015 - MKX Championship Round Robin
1st - Mod
2nd - Kenshinoyo
3rd - Action Jackson
4th - MPII The Ronin

Winter Series 2016 Power Rankings

9pts - Mod
8pts - Kenshinoyo
7pts - Action Jackson
6pts - TSS | Chaos
5pts - The Arkayne
5pts - MPII The Ronin
4pts - Unlucky Charmz
4pts - TSS | Terror
3pts - Ispent2much
3pts - Sway 2 Tha Z
3pts - Zubastian
3pts - Bad News Brendon
2pts - Coolgirl
2pts - Royal
2pts - Goku
2pts - Man of Moe
1pt - TSS | Meerkat
1pt - Erica H.

9pts - Grand Pappy Chris
8pts - NS | Gilgamesh
7pts - Kenshinoyo
6pts - Solumindra
5pts - MPII The Ronin
5pts - Zubastian
4pts - Bad News Brendon
4pts - The Arkayne

Nathan Shields PowerUp Founder

Fighting game enthusiast, martial artist, and teacher. Nathan Shields ran three regional events, two of which were part of the Road to EVO Championships in 2011 and 2012. He continues to run local FGC events and supervise the growth of his scene and the PowerUp brand.

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