Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Instinct: A FightFest Series - Volume 1

Greetings PowerUp followers my name is Dalton Fell. The handle I go by is Gilgamesh. Before discussing Killer Instinct news I should introduce myself. I started playing fighting games seriously in 2009, but it was not Street Fighter IV. I started playing Guilty Gear Accent Core. Along with KI, Guilty Gear XRD is one of my favorite fighting games today. I have gone to several tournaments over the years including PowerUp, Final Round, Kumite in Tennessee, Naptown Clutch, and Frosty Faustings. Going to tournaments inspired me to put on a regional in 2013 called Fightfest which is put on at a large convention in Louisville, Kentucky called FandomFest. I have put on Fightfest every year since 2013 and hope to keep it going until it grows into its own event.

Big events going on this month for KI are Frosty Faustings, Kumite in Tennessee, and The KI World Cup. Frosty Faustings focuses more on Guilty Gear, but with Chicago being home to Iron Galaxy, KI always has a presence. A $150 pot bonus donated by ComboBreaker TO, Rick Thiher (The Hadou). The previous year they premiered the new character OMEN so it is possible to have Season 3 news announced at the event! Along with possible Season 3 announcements we can hopefully see new players make an appearance. Last year Kan-Ra won his first tournament, and was piloted by none other than F3 Hollywood Sleep. Check out Frosty Faustings on January 22nd-23rd!

Kumite in Tennessee is going to be the largest event for KI until the World Cup at the end of the month. KIT has been a large Killer Instinct supporter since the release of the game, but this year they are a premier event for the KI World Cup. If you want to go to the KI World Cup this is the closest qualifier left. You gain a huge amount of points, and first place automatically qualifies. KIT has no current pot bonuses for KI, but with points for the World Cup qualification on the line that should be all that is necessary to spur competitors to travel. Kumite in Tennessee take place January 15th-17th.

Lastly, the KI World Cup is the largest KI event to take place. Taking place in San Antonio, Texas hosted by Co-owner of Ultra Arcade Brandon Alexander, and supported by Microsoft. If you are unable to make it to KIT, but still plan to go they will be having four last chance qualifiers on site.  The KI World Cup uses a point based system and automatic qualifiers similar to Capcom Cup. With over $30,000 in prize money and the world’s best KI players all gunning for 1st place, this will be an amazing tournament. Not only will this be a large tournament, but it will also include an art show, cosplay contest, and a figure showcase from Ultimate Source. The KI World Cup takes place January 30-31st.

I apologize for this being a short piece, but this is my first attempt at writing something like this. I look forward to writing more of these! You can follow me on twitter at FIFE_Gilgamesh and like my event page for Fighfest. I look forward to growing the community in the area!

Nathan Shields PowerUp Founder

Fighting game enthusiast, martial artist, and teacher. Nathan Shields ran three regional events, two of which were part of the Road to EVO Championships in 2011 and 2012. He continues to run local FGC events and supervise the growth of his scene and the PowerUp brand.

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