Thursday, December 24, 2015

Brutality - December 2015 - Results

Big shout outs to Bad News Brendon, Kenshinoyo, EMPEROR Eevee and Gilgamesh for all their help over the course of the night. Multiple attempts were made to get the internet working for the stream, and that is also why the event started late. Unfortunately it was not to be, but we still recorded some great matches. This was also our first event where Killer Instinct was recorded! We had 10 players for KI, which is a great achievement for our local community, so I hope we can keep it up!

Congratulations to the following players for earning an invite to the Fall Season Championship for MKX in January 2016:

  • Action Jackson
  • EMPEROR Eevee
  • Kenshinoyo
  • Mod
  • MPII The Ronin
Full Results from December 2015 are below:

Supreme Champion: EMPEROR Eevee (Kobu Jutsu)
Worthy Adversary: Action Jackson (Flame Fist / Dragon's Fire)
Maybe Next Time: Kenshinoyo (Buzz Saw / Hat Trick / Balanced)
4th place: Mod (Thunder God)
5th place tie: TSS | Terror (Lasher / Warlock / Shaolin / A List) / MPII The Ronin (Hunter / A List)
7th place tie: ANBU | Faceless (Cryomancer) / TSS | Chaos (Royal Storm)
9th place tie: Nathan S. (Boneshaper) / Mac (Shirai Ryu) / J (Piercing) / Abe
13th place tie: Zubastian (Balanced) / JayyHussle (Warlock) / TSS | Meerkat / Combot (Master of Souls)
17th place tie: Frost / JD Strife / Sonic Lionheart

Supreme Champion: GrandPappyChris (Glacius / Maya)
Worthy Adversary: Kenshinoyo (Kan Ra / TJ)
Maybe Next Time: Gilgamesh (Hisako / Shadow Jago)
4th place: Bad News Brendon (Aganos / Spinal)
5th place tie: Action Jackson / MPII The Ronin
7th place tie: Angels and Demons LP (Fulgore) / Zubastian (Shadow Jago)
9th place tie: Thunderhead / Sonic 

Final Rankings for Fall Season 2015

24pts – Mod
22pts – Kenshinoyo
16pts - Action Jackson
14pts - EMPEROR Eevee
12pts - MPII The Ronin
11pts – ANBU | FACEL3SS
10pts – TSS | Terror
8pts – Nathan Shields
8pts - Unlucky Charmz
7pts – TheRedCyclone
7pts – TSS | Chaos
6pts – NB | Semi Evil Ryu
6pts – JayyHussle
6pts – Mac
6pts - J
5pts – Taurian Lord
5pts - Sniper Wolf
5pts – TSS | Meerkat
4pts – Ziggy
3pts - Hornett
3pts - Skcorpion86
3pts – Abe
2pts - Zubastian
2pts - TSS|SOQIO
2pts - DJHoundsound
2pts – Lil Nasty Dude
2pts – Combot
1pt – Frost
1pt – JD Strife
1pt – Sonic Lionheart
1pt - Diego El Fuego
1pt – LRC

17pts – Kenshinoyo
11pts - MPII The Ronin
9pts - GrandPappyChris
8pts - DCB|Eli the Curry
7pts – Immortal
7pts – Gilgamesh
6pts - Bad News Brendon
5pts – Action Jackson
4pts – Angels and Demons LP
4pts – Zubastian
3pts – Thunderhead
3pts – Sonic Lionheart
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Fighting game enthusiast, martial artist, and teacher. Nathan Shields ran three regional events, two of which were part of the Road to EVO Championships in 2011 and 2012. He continues to run local FGC events and supervise the growth of his scene and the PowerUp brand.

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