Thursday, November 5, 2015

Brutality - November 2015

Fall Season 2015 continues! This is Meet 2 of Fall Season, so that means there are only two more tournaments, counting this one, where you can earn ranking points for the Fall Championship in January!

$5 - All Night Entry to Arcade Legacy
662 Cincinnati Mills Drive
Cincinnati, OH, 45240

MKX - PS4 - $5 Entry
KI - XBONE - $5 Entry

This is a BYOC event (Bring Your Own Controller). There are no guarantees that Arcade Legacy, PowerUp, or other players will provide you with controllers.

All players will be responsible for deleting Bluetooth devices from the PS4 that they are to play a tournament match on.

You may pre-register for the event, although it is not mandatory, at the following link:


The stream will show exclusively MKX, unless we get 13 or more players in our KI bracket.

Entrance fees are divided amongst top placers based on the number of entrants in the bracket.

Players who enter MKX will earn ranking points based on their performance. Players who earn points in the top 5 values will be invited to compete in a Championship Round Robin during Brutality - January 2016. There will be prizes, and there is the potential for a KI Championship as well, based upon further increases in the number of KI entrants.

There will be normal MKX and KI brackets during Brutality - October, and the power rankings will be reset for Winter Season 2016.

Players will be seeded in all Brutality MKX and KI brackets according to their power ranking. The first tournament of each season will always be randomly seeded. Players without a power ranking will be seeded as having zero ranking points.

9pts - Mod
8pts - Action Jackson
7pts - Kenshinoyo
6pts - NB|Semi Evil Ryu
5pts - EMPEROR Eevee
5pts - Sniper Wolf
4pts - MPII The Ronin
4pts - Ziggy
3pts - Hornett
3pts - J
3pts - Skcorpion86
3pts - TheRedCyclone
2pts - TSS|SOQIO
2pts - Unlucky Charmz
2pts - DJHoundsound
2pts - JayyHussle
1pt - Diego El Fuego
1pt - TSS|Terror
1pt - LRC


9pts - Kenshinoyo
8pts - DCB|Eli the Curry
7pts - Immortal
6pts - MPII The Ronin

Winner is character and variation locked.

Blind picks are allowed upon player request of the TO.

You may request a coach, who must follow the PowerUp private coaching rules. Follow the link below to the PowerUp Rules Document for more information.

Stage will always be randomly selected. Either single random or double random.

No fatalities on the big screen. The tournament will be up on a giant projector screen, in full view of children. We do not want any parents bringing complaints to our generous venue, Arcade Legacy.

For the complete PowerUp Rules Document, please go to:
Nathan Shields PowerUp Founder

Fighting game enthusiast, martial artist, and teacher. Nathan Shields ran three regional events, two of which were part of the Road to EVO Championships in 2011 and 2012. He continues to run local FGC events and supervise the growth of his scene and the PowerUp brand.

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