Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Killer Instinct Guide for SFIV Players by Infil

This online guide is an extremely well done introduction to Killer Instinct. The guide's author, Infil, may indicate through the title that this guide is meant to aid in transition from Street Fighter to Killer Instinct, but the information goes beyond that. Not only does Infil include terminology and concepts that Street Fighter players will understand, he includes a robust breakdown of the game's mechanics and very good introductions to the playstyle of each character.

I first encountered Infil's work through an article posted on Shoryuken. I found the guide extremely informative even in those early stages. I dropped Killer Instinct early on due to not having an Xbox One arcade stick at the time, and the impending release of Mortal Kombat X was much more interesting to me. Now, with KI being a consistent side event at the Brutality series of events, I have slowly rekindled my interest. Imagine my surprise when I found the guide again, completely updated with information on all the current characters.

It was like hitting the lottery. Usually, really good sources of information stay that way for a short while. The authors put in a lot of time and effort for very little to no reward. It is a lot like this blogsite, really. The content is produced because of the player's passion. I think that is the second reason that I chose to write about Infil's guide. Not only is it a great resource for those people looking to play Killer Instinct competitively, but it is a labor of love.

Infil's guide is well written and full of GIF images that show the techniques without the need for numerous videos to load. The information is also deep; this is not a rudimentary overview of the game. Everything is giving a competitive slant complete with tips, tricks, and the frame data to back up the assertions. The guide is not so deep that reading it alone will give you all you need to know about the game and its characters, but I daresay it gets quite close.

The guide, as a website, is extremely user friendly. It is also mobile friendly, and I am sure that is no coincidence, as so many players at tournaments have only their smart phones to look up information. In terms of design, the guide is gorgeous to look at. Simple colors, easily readable text, and proper resolution images round out a wonderful piece of work. There is even a FAQ section and an I do not know if the is still active, but as of this writing the most recent response was from approximately one month ago. So go ahead and ask Infil your question; you might just get lucky.

I posted on Twitter a few months ago and said that playing KI was great fun; I had been missing out. It was fun playing on pad back then, and I look forward to now playing on an arcade stick. Infil's guide has helped me choose the characters I am most interested in playing, and I highly recommend that you go the guide yourself to learn about why you should be playing Killer Instinct!

Follow this link to Infil's guide:
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