Sunday, June 7, 2015

Brutality - May 2015: Results

Special thanks to: Craig, Dennis, Garrad, Scott, Will, and my man Quentin! You all were integral to Brutality - May's success! To anyone else whom I asked to help, thank you : )

Thanks to all the fresh and the regular faces for coming to enjoy the event. With your help, we destroyed our entrant number goal! Our goal was 22 players, up from 18 in April, and we had 32!

And thank you to all the equipment donors. You make these events possible because of your generosity. I was very happy that we apparently had no controller interruption issues on PS4! 

MKX Results
1st - MKLEGEND (Kung Lao)
2nd - Tylenolz (Ermac)
3rd - Action Jackson (Liu Kang)
4th - Bad News Brendon (Ermac)
5th - Unlucky Charmz (Kitana)
5th - Ryuseiken (Thundergod-Raiden)
7th - Hornett
7th - Red Cyclone (Kuatan Warrior-Goro / Cybernetic-Kano)
9th - Zubastion (Sub-Zero)
9th - Nathan S. (Impostor-Shinnok)
9th - Sonic Lionheart (Hollywood-Cassie / Full Auto-Jacqui / Stunt Double-Johnny)
9th - Arkayne (Ravenous-Mileena / Noxious-Reptile)
13th - Kobe W.
13th - Kenshinoyo
13th - Buncha Malarky
13th - Bumpy Face
17th - Smitty
17th - Skylar
17th - Nick da Jedi
17th -Lion's Eye
17th - JoneZ
17th - AmpGamer
17th - Combot
17th - Skcorpion86
25th - Soul Weaver
25th - Jeremiah S.
25th - MPII The Ronin
25th - WyckedOrynge
25th - The Relic
25th - NinjaStewart
25th - Rocket Launcher Guy
25th - Wysocereal

KI Results
1st - Nick da Jedi
2nd - Kenshinoyo
3rd - MPII The Ronin
4th - Angels & Demons
5th - Arkayne
7th - Combot

Due to some hangups at Brutality - May, all subsequent Brutality events will run PS4 only for ‪MKX‬. There was no need to vote, as all players acquiesced easily to the choice of PS4. Thanks everyone for being stand up ‪FGCitizens‬. Just coined myself a new phrase, there! Ha!

The next Brutality will be held on June 27th at Arcade Legacy. Click here to go the event thread here on TYM!

Brutality - May 2015 videos can be found below:

If there are any suggestions for improvements to the event, please feel free to share.

Thanks again to all our players for participating and having a great time! Our goal for Brutality - June is even more entertainment and a total of 36 entrants! Let's do this!

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**Edited/Promoted by Tim Static
Nathan Shields PowerUp Founder

Fighting game enthusiast, martial artist, and teacher. Nathan Shields ran three regional events, two of which were part of the Road to EVO Championships in 2011 and 2012. He continues to run local FGC events and supervise the growth of his scene and the PowerUp brand.

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