Monday, December 8, 2014

Visual Aid: SSB4 Stage Legality Chart

S = Starter
C = Counter Pick

This stage chart represents my current opinion on stage legality. I would like to explain why I chose to allow walk off stages as counter picks. I personally have misgivings about walk off stages because of the lack of ability to see what is happening, and less so for the potential for camping. I would like the stages in question (Mario Galaxy, Coliseum, Delfino Plaza, Yoshi's Island, Wuhu Island, Wii Fit Studio, Castle Siege) to be tested in tournament and in separate stage testing events. I consider Delfino Plaza, Wuhu Island, and Castle Siege to be walk off stages because at least one of their transition arrangements includes a walk off portion. Ultimately, I do not feel these stages should be banned without considerable testing in the new game. If they are legal, they should absolutely remain counter picks.

I would also like to point out that, to me, Omega Stages and Final Destination should be considered one item for stage striking purposes. The same goes for Miiverse and Battlefield because their arrangements are identical.

To sum it up, this stage chart gives us:

  • 4 Starter Stages
  • 12 Counter Pick Only Stages
I believe this stage chart gives competitive players a plethora of gameplay and visual design options. Please feel free to comment so that we may discuss stage legality in more detail.

I will post arguments for each specific stage in a future post, if no one brings up those stages in the comments.

EDIT: I have now played on walk off stages in a competitive capacity, and definitely consider them ban worthy.
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