Friday, August 9, 2013

Getting Wrecked and Having Fun

I played my very first set of TTT2 casuals last night at Arcade Legacy, and they were some of the most fun matches I've played in any game in quite a while. Even though I was getting trounced 100% of the time, I really enjoyed playing the game a lot.

Having that energy to play the game is very important because it makes you want to keep coming back even when you lose. It feels like there is something else you could learn, or something else you could have done, that would have turned it all around. That is an exciting feeling for me and I look forward to more!

For GGAC+R I was having a fairly enjoyable time playing Potemkin, and the game is still very foreign to me, but nevertheless it was fun. However, I received a recommendation to play as Faust because he is most like Anakaris from VS, who is perhaps my favorite fighting game character of all time, tied closely with Baraka from MK9.

Earlier today I took Faust into training mode after reading up on some of his strategies and essential gameplay elements, and I have to say I was not enjoying myself. From watching high level play and actually getting my hands on the character I really was not feeling the magic.

Now Potemkin was relatively fun, but we have a Potemkin player in the local area who is not half bad. I do not have a particular problem playing a character someone already plays, but if I can avoid it, I do. It helps my peace of mind and it also helps matchup experience for the local scene as a whole. That said, I have really enjoyed watching high level Venom, and if GGAC+R is going to require executional feats no matter who I play, then I might as well play a character that I think is really cool and fun.

After taking Venom into training mode and reading more about him on Dustloop, I feel like he is a lot of work. Ball formations and hit confirmations are no joke and will have to be learned if I want to win matches, but he is very active at long and mid-range and he can lockdown opponents in the corner. I do not have to worry about random items as I would with Faust, and I can at least anti-air a little better than Potemkin, who has to guess more than react, I feel.

So Venom is next up in training mode. I am running out of time before my little vacation between summer and fall semester classes, so here's hoping that I can find my GGAC+R character and learn some basic soon!

TTT2 is awesome and I have had no issues! : )
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