Sunday, March 30, 2014

Results: Brutality - March 2014

So big thanks as always to Arcade Legacy. Provided players with discount venue fee, setups, a stream, and more! Shoutouts to Kameron DavisDavid MuratDavid MartinPhil Pham, Willdog, and everyone else who helped with running things. Special thanks to Chris Rumler for coming out from Indianapolis. And many thanks to everyone who attended!
Injustice - Low Stakes
1st) NRF | NB Semi Evil Ryu
2nd) Garrad Belle
3rd) Eevee!
4th) Ryuseiken
5th) MPII The Ronin
5th) Fromundaman
7th) Mod
7th) Nathan Shields
9th) SkyM1KE
9th) ImmaAriesBaby
Injustice - High Stakes
1st) NRF | NB Semi Evil Ryu
2nd) Kenshinoyo
3rd) Fromundaman
4th) Eevee!
5th) Ryueseiken
5th) VGMTheVagabond
7th) MPII The Ronin
7th) Nathan Shields
9th) Willdog
1st) Mike Slucher
2nd) Apocryphic Visions
3rd) Ragnarok
4th) Combot
5th) Quentin Ross
5th) VaporFlux
7th) Paris Stephens
7th) Tigerzord
9th) Infamous
9th) SkyM1KE
1st) ImmaAriesBaby
2nd) Mod
3rd) Steel
4th) Kenshinoyo
5th) Paris
5th) Javo
7th) SkyM1KE
7th) Arkayne
SSFIV:AE ver. 2012
1st) Derrick Legend
2nd) Ailerus
3rd) Servo
4th) Javo
5th) Steel
5th) Nathan Shields
7th) DarkZeroOmega
7th) MPII The Ronin
9th) SkyM1KE
9th) Arkayne
9th) Infamous
9th) Willdog

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Brutality - March 2014 Information Hub

Brutality - March 2014 is today!


Live Brackets:

Event Details:

Arcade Legacy
662 Cincinnati Mills Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45240
(513) 874-8766

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Results: Brutality - February 2014

1st - Mod
2nd - Jellityme
3rd - MPII The Ronin
4th - VGMTheVagabond
5th - Ryuseiken
5th - Nathan Shields
7th - Fromundaman
7th - Combot
9th - Willdog
9th - Eevee!
9th - Red Cyclone
9th - Arkayne
13th - Echo
13th - Jay Hussle

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Mokujin +1 Special Event
1st - Apocryphic Visions
2nd - Ragnarok
3rd - Red Cyclone
4th - Combot
5th - Micah
5th - Jay Hussle
7th - Paris
7th - Tigerzord

Killer Instinct
1st - Old School Brotha
2nd - Tigerzord
3rd - Combot
4th - Arkayne
5th - TNE Breaker
5th - Nathan Shields
7th - Willdog

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Link by Phreak Mods

The Link came on my radar a couple of years ago, and when I first saw it I thought someone had broken the lever on their arcade stick. It was amazing to me that the top half of the lever, including the balltop, could pop on and off so easily! From that moment I was an early adopter of The Link and even more of a fan of Phreak Mods than I had been before.

There is no trickery going on here; The Link does exactly what you think it does. Phreakazoid (Clayton) heard the cries of traveling fighting game players who either had bent levers or feared damage in the future. I always have, and always will, believe that The Link is one of the key innovations in arcade stick hardware design. It makes me even more happy that this innovation came from a gentlemen within the community rather than out of a corporation. Much love to the FGC representatives who now work for the big companies, but Phreakazoid is a hometown innovator and I love it.

The Link had a very successful Kickstarter campaign that introduced an improved model, and I am proud to say that I took part in that fund drive. I also take nerdy pride in being one of the voices that brought the JLF's inner dustwasher to Phreakazoid's attention. My first Link kept dislodging because of that inner dustwasher, and I didn't realize what was wrong until I had Phreakazoid examine it. My small contribution makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

The Link is a staple in all of my arcade sticks, and I will continue to use this magnificent hardware modification in the future. Why more people don't use The Link is beyond me. Even for traveling locally, it makes packing up arcade sticks more simple and less space consuming. Then again, if everyone knew about and adopted The Link, I guess I would not be writing about it here, as one of the hidden gems of gaming!

You can purchase your very own Link, and a lanyard for your balltop, from a few places, but my favorite retailer is Focus Attack.